About Eperfa


Lush hillside forests. 
Autumn leaves in a thousand colours. 
Birds' footprints in the snow. Beetles, fox dens and mushrooms after rain. 

A big blue lake with the scent of reed.
Lazy ferries in the sunset. Wise old houses on vineyard hills. Never ending summer. 

Eperfa toys are inspired by the landscapes and wildlife in Hungary, the hills around Budapest and the ever-changing lake Balaton. They are dedicated to the natural slowness of childhood, where kids can explore freely and take their time to observe.  

With our toys, our magical childhood memories come to life again, this is our way to tell the story of our lives to the next generation. 

We like the creativity and playfulness in designing things for kids. Children have a unique, out-of-the box way of thinking that we find super fascinating and inspiring. We love the way they can be so easy about things and teach us to slow down and be present.


When thinking of a new toy, we find inspiration in what surrounds us. Animals, plants and landscapes never stop to amaze us. 

When developing our design ideas, we love to involve experts in the field to ask for professional advice about the subjects we’re working on. These consultations are a super exciting way for us to expand our knowledge about the world that surrounds us and also gives us the opportunity to meet great and inspiring people. We believe that this dedication and attention to detail makes our toys lovable and genuine. We are grateful to Birdlife Hungary (Magyar Madártani Egyesület), Hungarian Natural History Museum (Magyar Természettudományi Múzeum), Duna-Ipoly National Park (Duna-Ipoly Nemzeti Park), Balaton Uplands National Park (Balaton-felvidéki Nemzeti Park) and Pilis Forestry Ltd. (Pilisi Parkerdő Zrt.) for their help and support.

It is our intention to create open-ended toys that can be played with together. We use pure shapes and fresh colours, making sure our items fit together visually. A simple, timeless design is what we believe in.


Respect and responsibility for both environmental and social factors are core values in our design and production processes. 

We source 95% of our wood from a local national park (Duna-Ipoly Nemzeti Park), directly from the foresters who maintain the woods there, making sure the whole ecosystem is well protected and looked after.

All of our toys are produced ethically, by individual craftsmen and in small workshops around Budapest, where disabled and socially underprivileged people are employed. Their wellbeing and balanced workload is very important to us.

We constantly look for new possibilities to cooperate with local manufacturers. Sourcing our materials this way not only helps us reduce our carbon footprint, but also helps other small businesses similar to us.