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Rokka is a fantastic mompreneur business with the aim of creating sustainable goods for everyday use. With her products, our friend and Budapest-Balaton neighbour Viki inspires for a simple, conscious lifestyle with a touch of luxury due to best quality Transylvanian hemp fabric, fine details and careful design.
All Rokka products are carefully designed and handmade in Budapest, Hungary.
Juggling everyday life with three daughters and a dog, eco-friendly and comfortable kids accessories are a priority for her. Vivid colours, playful details are totally her thing. 


Hemp was the first plant known to have been domestically cultivated. For thousands of years, humans have used various parts of the hemp plant for food, textiles, paints, paper, fabric and fuel oil. The oldest relic of human history is a piece of hemp fabric dated to 8,000 BC from ancient Mesopotamia. Even today, of all the sustainable sources for consumer products, hemp is uniquely suited to provide the widest variety of life's necessities and comforts and goes to the core of authentic lifestyle, eco fashion and slow fashion. Beyond all its qualities relating to sustainable style and design, Rokka has opted to work with hemp for the beautiful and fine fabric it is used to make.

Hemp can be grown organically in poor soil and is naturally drought, pest, and disease resistant, eliminating the need for synthetic chemicals and reducing the demand on dwindling water supplies. It is a renewable and sustainable crop that is ready for harvest just 120 days after going to seed, so it grows quickly, requires little weeding, and thrives in most climates. Hemp's soil nutrients concentrate in the plant's roots and leaves. After harvest, the roots remain and the leaves are returned to the fields. In this way, not only soil nutrients are preserved, but hemp actually leaves the soil in better condition than before it was planted. Hemp not only results in beautifully crafted homewares but it is a beneficial crop for the Earth itself.